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Report Card

You may think getting back in shape can be pretty scary

But have you ever worked out with Kelly and Kari

You are welcomed to the gym with a smile on each face

And soon you will realize you are in the right place


Their  knowledge of fitness and rules of "Clean Eating"

Make you think twice about diet and cheating

If you want to feel better, and your goal is real

Pretty soon you'll be saying "Is that a muscle I feel?"


They change the exercise every day

You don't know which part of you is gonna pay

But little by little you feel just a bit more firm

No Pain - No Gain - You gotta feel the burn


Throughout the course of three sessions each week

Your workouts get harder or better - so to speak

They give you incentive - no matter what level you are

You can take it slowly, or shoot for the stars


Of course the two of them look so damn cute

When you see them setting up in their matching suits

The music is hopping, lots of running - you bet

I tell ya the two of them make you sweat


They are both in great shape, muscular and teeny

I'm not quite ready to stand beside them in a bikini

But if you want to have fun - then don't say no

To K2 Fitness - it's the way to go!

This poem was written for us by one of our students, Denise Bigras


May I just say, Thanks.  It was fabulous and I enjoyed every single minute of it.  I came in with no expectations and you both exceeded what I could not even think of.  I was so sad today knowing I was done.  It truly inspired me and made me stronger, especially in the arms.  I can run for hours but could not even do 1 pushup.  Now I can do 20 half decent pushups.  I have been talking about you to everyone that comes into the store.  Thanks for the homework, it will get done and I am in for the next round.  Thanks for everything!

Stefania Barron, Manager - Running Room Sarnia


I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole month of Beachside Booty School!  I needed a "boost" to my exercise routine and had seriously neglected the weights for a while.  I now have a new found energy to get back into doing the whole body workout several times a week along with cardio.  I never knew my muscles could do so many reps!  I have gained a much better understanding about my body's limits and have had a lot of fun with the rest of the ladies.  Thanks for having me.

Kim,  Bright's Grove


Well, my butt hurts, my arms are sore and my heart is strong!  This morning as my alarm went off all I could think of was "yay"!  My last time getting up at 5 to be punished at boot camp! ...but at 7 when it was all done I was kind of sad that it was over.  I had a great time and learned alot about myself in the process.  I am certainly physically stronger than I was at the beginning and mentally stronger to face more workouts on my own.  I would not have pushed myself this hard on my own before Booty School.  I feel ready now to do the homework that you gave us this morning and be prepared for more workouts at the end of July.  Bring on the sweat and bring on the results!  Let's see how I hold plank in a few weeks! Thanks again ladies.  You really do rock!!

Cathy - Sarnia


“I have been out of shape for ten years, this has motivated me to go back and remember how good it feels to workout!”

Georgia, Brights Grove


“Thanks so much. It was really great! It was hard for me but showed me what I am capable of doing and gave a jumpstart into better fitness.”

Susan, Sarnia


“It was a really fun week. It’s really opened my eyes to alternatives to my three staples - running, swimming, cycling. I’m planning to attend the next session.”

Bree, Camlachie


“Keep this great idea going, I love the outdoors!”

Gabrielle, Corunna


“I truly believe fitness is a SURE remedy for depression. It’s been a tough year for me - I can tell you I’ve been tempted to call the doc for some sort of happy pill at times. I never have - fitness IS what really helps me. Thank you both so much, you really inspire me.”

Edie, Sarnia

“Good job ladies, just from one week I have lost weight. Thankyou so much, can’t wait till next session!"

Lynette, Sarnia


“Booty School was exactly what I needed to take me away from my comfort zone. Your encouragement and motivation kept me going at times when I wanted to lighten up. Thanks again, and I look forward to another awesome workout!"

Jennifer, Bright’s Grove


*Although the names have been changed, these are actual testimonials from Booty School Graduates 2007/2008